Japanese Buddhism: Beliefs, history and symbols

What Are The Beliefs
Of Japanese Buddhism?


If you are here it’s because you are interested in Buddhism and maybe even Japanese Buddhism. Maybe I started out like you: with a keen interest and no real knowledge. I have decided to make this website after starting my quest for knowledge and I hope to share with you what I learned.

The world of Buddhism is vast.

Just to give you an example, look at this map of Buddhism in the world. So many countries are Buddhist. Of course, even in Christian countries, many people follow Buddha. (Here is Buddhist Temple Directory) I found out that some of our well know celebrities are also Buddhist.

Buddhism puts you in a state of zen – a state I was able to achieve after I read a number of great air purifier reviews and invested in the best air purifier for my house.

Of course, we all know the Dalai Lama and the amazing air quality in Lhasa but what kind of Buddhism does he actually follow? Did you know that
there are more than one school of Buddhism? I didn’t know that when I first started my researches…

…My goal is to discuss, in plain
words, the history, beliefs and symbols,
among many other things, of Buddhism with a focus on Japan, where art
and aestheticism is strongly influenced by the Zen school.

Dogen, founder of Zen Buddhism

To study the Buddha-way is to study the self.
To study the self is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand dharmas.


Read on, share your views
and experiences
with us and enjoy the beauty, simplicity and values of a
way of life.

Visit the Buddhist picture galleries and the  Buddhist goods store.

Here is what some readers have said

“Many thanks for taking the effort to put this website together and sending out the e-zine.” –Gareth, Best Reviews

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Fudo Myo-o in Koya-san

“I am so pleased to
read this site. I hope your site may satisfy my interest in knowing and
learning about Buddhism that Japanese People believe in.
Thank you ” —Hari, Nepal

Inside a Japanese Buddhist Temple

Would you like to visit Japan?  there are so many things to do and so many Japanese temples to visit.

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Meditation Techniques
Meditation techniques are numerous. Even if meditation is a
practice at the very core of Buddhism (The Buddha attained enlightment
through meditation after all!) it is not practiced by all Buddhist.
Japanese Religion
Japanese Religion as we know it today is a mix of Shinto and Buddhism. It has a long and usually peaceful history of co-habitation.
Japanese culture and traditions
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Buddhism so compeling.  Through the years I have been writing
this site, I realized that people are also interested in Japanese
Buddhist Celebrities
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Buddhism in Japan
Like many other things through history, Japan has imported many things. Buddhism in Japan has been colored to suit the local religion and customs.
Buddhist Practice
Buddhists practice on a daily basis to improve their lives or to attain enlightment. Daily meditation and chanting is a scientificaly proven way of improving our lives.
Buddhist Pantheon
The Buddhist Pantheon, as seen in Japan is a huge compilation of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Wisdom kings, tenbus (heavenly creatures) and enlightened master.
Japanese Temples: what, where, how
Visiting Japanese temples is an unavoidable part of visiting Japan, we tell you how to visit them, where to go and what to do once there.
Social Issues and Buddhism
In traditional Buddhist societies like Tibet and Nepal, where Buddhism really flows through every aspect of life, social issues encountered in the West are practily unknown.
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