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About Us


My name is Hugo Deslippe and I currently live in Japan. I’ve
here on and off since 1998 but this time I intend to stay here for
good. Not that i don’t like my own country, Canada. It’s just that I
feel more at home in this magical land of the Kami and Buddhism.

about us Hugo

I was initiated to Buddhism when in university. A friend of
practiced Zen and told me a lot about it. Studying in East-Asian
studies, I was naturally interested in it. With a friend of mine, we
went for an introduction to Zen class in Montreal and I really liked
austere, respectful atmosphere of the dojo.

After coming to Japan for the first time, I started reading,
listening to lectures and visiting incredible places in Japan. I love
the energy of the place and I have come to believe that it is imbued
with the energy of all the centuries of worship.

I am fortunate that my best friend is an ordained Shingon
Despite being Canadian, he was ordained in Koya-san in 2001 and he has
studied diverse schools of Buddhism in Japan. In addition to Shingon,
he studied, Shugendo, Soto Zen and Tendai. He taught me a lot of things
on Buddhism and despite my laziness, I got to really appreciate his
teachings. I started by learning the Hannya Shingyo (The Heart Sutra)
and we visited some very interesting places in Japan together.

Now, it is up to me to kick start my practice and I am now
with others what I have learned and continue to discover.

By day, I teach English in elementary schools in Nagano, I am
surrounded by the Japanese Alps, centuries of history and a great
people. I have also lived in Fukui, home of
the main Soto Zen temple and a beautiful place to visit, all year
round.  For the last 4 years I had been living in Wakayama
prefecture, home of tjhe main Shingo temple complex, called Koya-san
and the Unesco World Heritage Kumano kodo, a pilgrimage route in the

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