Buddhist Practice

The practice of Buddhism

Buddhism is, according to the Dalai Lama, more a science than a
religion.  I would respectfully put it a little differently.  I think Buddhism is a philosophy/religion that gets
validated, on many aspects, by science. Things like the effects of meditations
on the brain are studied by scientists and
mystics alike.  

a Buddha at Kyomizu Dera in Kyoto

It is up to us to develop the habits and practices in our daily lives
that science proves has a beneficial effect on us. Buddhism is a good way to get rid of the root causes of depression.

Buddhist chanting
is one of the tools we can use every day in
order to improve our lives.

Chanting is considered a form of meditation but quiet meditation is
the logical next step as it forces you to sit in silence for a period
of time.  It quiets your mouth and your mind.

Many traditions, like Zen and Vipassana, also practice walking meditation as they strive for mindfulness in everything they do.  You can also look at other meditation techniques.