Buddhism Chanting

Buddhism- Chanting

Japanese Incense

Chanting a mantra in Buddhism is at the very core of one’s daily
practice.  In Japan, many people recite okyo (sacred texts) or
repeat mantras everyday in front of the butsudan (Buddhist
altar).  A popular okyo is the heart sutra that you can listen
to here.

Chanting is a common practice in many religions but people often forget
why they chant or never knew the reason.  We will explore here
some of the reasons why you should chant everyday and give you some
suggestions of what to chant.

First, what is chanting?  A picture is worth a thousand words
as a saying goes and a video is worth a million so please watch this
short video of a group reciting  the heart sutra (Japanese
version).  Please note that different traditions have
different tempo and speed.  This one has a slow tempo, suited
for meditative purposes, it is probably sung by a group of Zen