Japanese culture and traditions

Japanese Culture and Traditions

Japanese culture and traditions are part of what makes Japanese
Buddhism so compeling.  Through the years I have been writing
this site, I realized that people are also interested in Japanese
culture.   I thought I would make this section to introduce
the most common traditions and some that are less known but would be
nice to know.

Japanese culture and traditions are part of what make Japan
unique.  Some customs are inspired from Chinese culture and
others are totally unique to Japan.

There are  different festivals and holidays all
through the year that are interesting.

  • Ennichi:
    temple fair (holy days related to Kami and/or Buddha)
  • Japanese
    Cultural Festival
  • Hanami:
    Flower Viewing (late March to early April)
  • Hinamatsuri:
    Doll Festival (March 3)
  • New Year (正月 Shōgatsu) (January 1st to 3rd)
  • Ōmisoka:
    New Year’s Eve (December 31)
  • Seijin
    : Coming of Age Day (second Monday of January)
  • Shichi-Go-San:
    festival day for children aged three, five and seven (November 15)   
  • Setsubun:
    division of season (beginning of each of the four seasons) (Feb. 3 )    
  • Tanabata:
    star festival (July 7)

Then there are the daily Japanese culture and traditions that
are part of day-to-day life.

  • The Bath ritual (and the onsens!)
  • take off your shoes when entering a house

Finally there are the special events, little-known traditions
or just strange Japanese culture and traditions .  Here is a
list of them:


With gratitude,signature Hugo

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