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Partner sites

Here is a list of partner sites that could be of value to you. I often visit them for related information or supplemental information on the subjects of Buddhism or Japan.

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Feel free to visit them.

On Japan

Japanese Lifestyle is a site with a load of relevant links to sites on any aspects of Japan from hotels to temples and from onsens to food.


Japan Roads is a site geared toward helping you to plan your visit to Japan. From the site:” Japan Roads is your link to the heart of Japan. Our tours focus on getting to know the Japanese people and discovering the ‘real’ Japan with its rich and diverse culture.  “



The Japan Zone is a great website covering many subjects and is especially good for its Japanese culture section with lists of famous actors and singers.


A great site to find temple lodging while visit Japan is Japanese Guest Houses


 Let’s Travel in Japan !

Description: This is a site to introduce Japan and Japanese culture to foreigners who plan to visit Japan and who are interested in Japan. It is written by a nice Japanese man.

Gary J Wolff is a chap who has been living in Japan for a few years. He has a nice photography site and likes hiking and records his visits of the numerous Japanese mountains. Head over to his site for a visual treat and inspiration on hiking.

Learn Japanese Adventure

 One personal experiences on how to learn Japanese language. Learn how to speak and write Japanese online with free lessons. Increase your Japanese words, phrases and vocabulary.

 Hokkaido is the big island north of the country and was the last to be colonized.  Because of this, the culture is a little different than the rest of Japan.  The biggest city is Sapporo and you should visit to find the best of Sapporo.

On Buddhism

You can find on Buddhistdoor a series of articles on different subjects related to Buddhism. They are submitted by different authors around the world and from different traditions.


The Buddhist Blog is a very popular blog on Buddhism. It is not only on Japanese Buddhism but it is a good source for discussions on Buddhism in the world and all the current issues.

Matk at http://www.onmarkproductions.com has a great site (it’s really an encyclopedia of Buddhism in Japan) and he is also very nice when you get in touch with him. Go by his place to see what he offers.


A site on reincarnation in general through the different traditions of the world. (It’s in Dutch so if you can’t read it, please use an online translator)

Mongolia is one of the last and least visited tourist destinations in Asia. Learn more about Mongolia Attractions of history, culture, and the people.

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