Help Japanese Buddhism

Help Japanese Buddhism

I am doing this website on a volunteer basis,
because I am passionnate about Japanese Buddhism. I have limited time though and as of now, I work 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day, on average. I do not need pity because I chose this lifestyle but I could use some help.

Here are some ways you can help me:

Tell people you know who are interested in Buddhism about this website.

The more visitor I get, the more chances I get that someone will click on an advertisement, thus bringing me a few cents in income.

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I have links on this website from products related to the subject of the webpage. If you find the link relevant and are interested in it, please visit my sponsor. If you subscribe to the service or buy the product, I usually have a small commission from them.

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Contribute to the site

There are many ways you can contribute some content to the site. You can comment on some news about Buddhism in this section. You can write a testimonial on many pages like these ones: Buddhism and depression, my story, ask me a question, and many more all through the site.

If you would like to write a page on a subject, you are more than welcome. You can send me a text of 500 words or more on any subject attached to Buddhism, Japan or related subject. I recommend writing in in a word processor and sending me the attacthement at admin (at)

Consider donating some money

This is last way you can help me. It’s easy and secure as I use Paypal. I will not have any of your financial information.When I get some contributions, it’s one more incentive for me to continue my website.

Just click on the following button and follow the instructions given by Paypal.

Thank you very much for considering helping me in anyway you can. I doesn’t have to be money. I’ll keep doing research and publishing new content as long as people appreciate my work.

In Compassion,





With gratitude,signature Hugo

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