Walking Buddhist Meditation

Walking Meditation

The Buddha talked about the importance of mindfulness even when we walk. The practice of walking Buddhist meditation thus came to be. It is sometimes difficult to stop and take the time to sit down and meditate. Meditating while walking is also greatly beneficial. Here we have a how-to I took from a Buddhist magazine in Japan. It is inspired by the Vipassana walking meditation.

walking meditation


The walking meditation practice consists of many steps or levels of proficiency. The total beginner will concentrate on which food is in front. For example, you will put the right foot first and you will mentally say “right”; move the left one and say “left”. Keep on doing this for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Your steps should be short as not to lose balance and not to go too fast. This is not a military walk. If you have balance problems at first, run your hand along a wall as in the very first picture.

Do not look around you as you will get distracted and your mind will wander. Do not look at your feet for the same reason. Instead, you should aim to look four to five steps ahead of you; just enough to know the immediate terrain you will walk on.