Heart Sutra


Heart Sutra

The Hannya Shingyo in Japanese

The Hannya Shingyo in Japanese

The Question

Can you provide me with a copy of the Heart Sutra written in Japanese, also if you have a chanting recording of the same Sutra.

Thank you!

My answer


The heart Sutra is a great text and I might be biased but I think it sounds great in Japanese.
I have studied it and when I recite it, it makes me feel peaceful.

I have made a recording of the heart Sutra (In Japanese it is called Hannya Shingyo) and put it on this page:
Buddhist Chanting

It is the Youtube Video. You’ll have the text and the sound along with the reading in Roman letters.


P.s. I plan on putting up for sale some digital copies of a Buddhist ceremony I recorded a few years back. Check back later if you are interested in buying it.


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