About Swastika in Japan


About Swastika in Japan

by A.V.Vishwarupe


It should be clear that Swastika came to Japan via China.The origin of this Swastika as far as Japan and China is concerned is India and India only.
And who brought this symbol?
The Buddhist Monks who came from India to spread their religion,and The Chinese and then the Japanesesaccepted the religion along with the said symbol.
Many parts of the world The Buddhists had accepted anti-clockwise Swastika which was seen In Indus Vally from 3000 B.C. onwards.

****Note from the Editor****

You are right, of course. I thought I made that clear though, in the following paragraph.
“The crooked cross is a historical sacred symbol in all Indian religions. It is used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It rose to importance in Buddhism during the Mauryan Empire and in Hinduism with the decline of Buddhism in India during the Gupta Empire. It followed the silk road with Buddhism to reach Tibet and China. The symbol was also introduced to Bali with Hinduism by Hindu kings. The use of the swastika by the Bon faith of Tibet, as well as later religions like Cao Dai of Vietnam and Falun Gong of China, can also be traced to Buddhist influence.”

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