Zen Heart


Zen Heart

by Christopher Kim Caceres


I am Kim, 21 years old and this is my story on why I want to be converted to Buddhism…

I had a breakdown before.

I stopped school and cut off myself from the busy world. For a year, I only meditated on the great mystery of life and of this which I call my Self.

After so many questionings, many of my old beliefs were broken and a new understanding emerged. I was able to write my insights and experiences in a journal notebook.

After that year I came back to school — back to the busy world. In one semester, I have enrolled in Oriental Philosophy course and there I have encountered many Eastern philosophies.

I find in them many ideas and principles similar to what I myself have discovered during my one year of seclusion. I felt joy to know that I am not alone. And I felt more joy when I have encountered Zen Buddhism. I don’t know, but as I read more about it, I feel very at home with Zen.

I am trying to reconcile my religion (Roman Catholic) with Zen Buddhism. They do have similarities but I can not really accept the Christian’s belief on angels, demons, heaven, hell, and the like.

Maybe it’s too early to say that these things can not be reconciled with Zen, but I really feel like living my life fully in Zen. I want to be converted in Zen Buddhism. My heart is Zen and Zen is its dwelling place…

**********Note from the Editor**************

Hello Kim and thank you for your testimonial.
Many Roman Catholics are interested in Buddhism and many of them are interested in Zen.

Quite a few people believe that both can be reconcile.

There is actually a Catholic priest who is also a Zen master. His name is Robert E. Kennedy and he wrote a book on the subject. Actually He wrote 2:

Zen Gifts to Christians


Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit: The Place of Zen in Christian Life

You might want to look them up.

If anyone else feels conflicted between their Christian faith and Buddhism, please comment in the section below.

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