What is a right business for computer scientists?


What is a right business for computer scientists?

The Question:

I recently got my Master in Computer Science. Now I have realized that nearly everybody in this business is only interested in money and profit. Do you have any idea what job a Buddhism-oriented computer scientist can do to help other people to suffer less, or to do not create attachment and craving?
All the best for you!

My answer:

Hello and thank you for your question.
This is a difficult question for me to answer but I can still give you some guidelines:

The noble eightfold path states in ‘right livelihood’:
Read more: The noble eightfold path

Avoid taking part in an occupation or a trade that brings harm, directly or indirectly to other living beings. Here goes the Wall Street shark, the butcher and even the grocerer.

The five types of businesses that are harmful for others are:

Business in weapons: trading in all kinds of weapons and instruments for killing. (The only way I can see this affecting your career choice would be not to work for a weapon related software.)

Business in human beings: slave trading, prostitution, or the buying and selling of children or adults. (Do not work in the porn industry)

Business in meat: “meat” refers to the bodies of beings after they are killed. This includes breeding animals for slaughter. (I don’t see how this could apply to IT)

Business in intoxicants: manufacturing or selling intoxicating drinks or addictive drugs.
(Video games are addictive but not really intoxicating.)

Business in poison: producing or trading in any kind of toxic product designed to kill or that are ultimately harmful to others.
(doesn’t apply either)

Having said that, any job that respect these guidelines in the IT business is fine. What is really important is you. Making money is not forbidden, it’s what you do with this money that is more important. Do you follow the eightfold noble path? (see above for the link)

If you do, there should be no obstacles for you to achieve a successful career in the field you choose.
About the money, you can always give some to the needy, if having too much of it makes you feel guilty.

If you develop softwares, you can give licenses to non-profit organizations.

Good luck in finding your perfect niche.

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Mar 20, 2011

Mind as software

by: Balaji

Computer science develops software similar to the mind.Body is the software.Getting pure mind is developing software without bugs

Mar 21, 2011

Digital Divide

by: Anonymous

Look into digital divide issues, and community technology centers. Many people do not have easy access to the web, but many jobs now require online applications!

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