What are the five skandas?


What are the five skandas?

What is the significance of the five skandas and how do we develop our practice to overcome the limitations they present?

Thank you for your question.

i really like having people ask me questions because it gives me a purpose, and tells me what people want to know.

As I write in my newsletter, I write this website for you, my readers. I appreciate the interaction and the comments people leave at the bottom of the pages.

If you have not noticed though, there is a search box above the Facebook Like button. This is used to search the site.

With over 200 pages, it’s difficult to know if a subject has been covered or not. This is the reason why I enrolled the help of Google and put a search box above. If you type “5 skandhas” in it you will see that I wrote a page on the subject. Here it is:
The Five Skandhas

I am glad you asked the question anyway, as it allowed me to publicized the searchbox. If you have any comments of further questions on the subject, do not hesitate to write a comment.


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