Understanding this quote


Understanding this quote

by Mark

(England, Essex)

The Question

“Depend on no one. the moment you reject all help, are you freed”

I’ve said this quote a lot in my head but now that I’ve decided to withdraw from college and pursue a different avenue I want to understand what this quote means.

In my opinion it means if you depend on other people’s views and experiences you’ll hinder yourself on getting to where you want to go.

Purely because it’s time wasted. Does this quote mean you need to become independent and trust in the opportunities and decisions you’ve taken?

My Answer

Thank you for your question. The whole quote is actually:
The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.

(you can find many other quotes attributed to Buddha on my Buddha Quotes page.

Like most quotes, what make this quote pertinent and interesting is that it could have many interpretations and many layers of senses.

Your interpretation is certainly correct, if it makes sense to you. My interpretation is a little different though.

In my opinion, this quote refers directly to the Four Noble Truths in which he talks about suffering.

Fear of the future is a form of suffering directly related to attachment. If we can live without it, we are the better for it.

Similarly, depending on others create expectations. Expectations are often not met, which creates suffering. Not only this but by accepting help from someone, they expect you to succeed, and this creates suffering for them also if you do not.

Only by living in the now, not fearing for the future and depending on yourself alone, are you free of these form of suffering.

Again, this is my interpretation and I am sure there are others too.

What do YOU think, dear readers?

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May 31, 2012

To live is to believe

by: Anonymous

Hi guys. Thanks for your comments. I’ve learned that to live is to believe in someone or something. We cannot live without believing in something. Husbands rely on their wives; wives rely on their husbands. Children rely on their parents; parents count on their children. We believe in our health and vigor. We believe in tomorrow and we plan for this year, next year, and years to come. Even those who say they don’t believe in any religions, they believe in their philosophy, be it communism or what not. We cannot live without believing in something. However, we suffer each time our faith in someone or something is shattered. So some people try hard not to rely on others at least. But it’s impossible.

In Pure Land Buddhism, the quote you brought up means: turn to Amida Buddha, the Buddha of infinite life, alone. Believe in Amida Buddha alone.

This is because among the countless Buddhas in the universe, only Amida Buddha has the power to save all people.

Hope this helps.

May 31, 2012


by: Bronco

Depend on nobody says Mark, theory or fact, well how does a tree grow, or any member of the millions of plant life all around us. The inseparabilty of all things is the mystery of all existence, non existence…

Who did Buddha and Jesus talk to, themselves, no way, they were enlightened beings representing the absolute in physical form, without their initial wisdom, we would be wandering around in the desert of life not knowing which way to go…

We are never alone, we just believe we are, out of sight is never out of mind, and our minds are full of all kinds of stuff which we supposedly alone have to process. Should that be true then who or what changes our minds, of which, there is only one mind my friend, just as there is only one breath we all share…

May 31, 2012


by: Mark

In response to Bronco, the qoute “depend on no one” is referring to people and maybe even pets. If the qoute said “depend on nothing” this would refer to everything around us.

I liked the response I got from the websites author and I know I can only be truly happy when I’m comfortable with myself and my current situation. The problem is, I’m only 18 and I have goals to achieve and places to go to. I understand I will suffer from setbacks and dissapointments and I know for sure once I achieve my goals and do the things I want to do, I’ll only want more.

When I feel angry I don’t deny it or try to ignore it like I used to, now when I start to feel it and understand it it’s not that painful to deal with. Same with jealousy, I feel where it is in my chest and what it feels like then ask why. Once I do this the pain seems so irrelevant and the cause seems so trivial.

Tell me if you do this as well because it’s a brilliant way of conquering yourself. Especially with fears.

Jun 01, 2012


by: Bronco

What you quote here Mark, are all human emotions which we all have to process. We all have the very same thoughts, but not at the same time…

Realisation is coming rapidly in your life at 18. it took far much longer for me to become realised, because the emotions of anger and jealousy, were still riding high within me, until I wrote my life story, which ignited Buddhism, into my life. Be assured, that once Buddhism embraces, there is no turning back, turning back to what, the resurection of all those human emotions out of control, no way..Good hunting, the results will come believe me…Bronco…

Jun 01, 2012


by: Bronco…

Come on Anonymous, show us the colour of your eyes, you are amongst friends here, what you say is good so why hide in anonymity. With my time in Buddhism, it is top notch irreplaceable…

However, all the bias of all religions, rights and wrongs by opinions and suppositions, neither of these exist anymore in my repertoire. No self, soul or ego, as Anatta expresses, this became my guide throughout Buddhism for 25 years, which became a bias…

No God, of permanence within an impermanent universe, yet Buddha, never denied the existence or non existence, he remained silent and stated, not all questions have answers, how real is that…

One of the top Tantras brought it all home to me. Kun Byed Rgyal Po, Tibetan, I believe. The Supreme Ordering Principle In The Universe, now this includes all religions no matter which. There is only one enlightenment, one breath, one Heaven, one Nirvana. Param Atman, Hindu, is their God, as is God to Christianity. They are all KBRP…Soul, self, ego, subtle self, are all inseparable. It is the self who guides the Chariot by animation, it is the self who maintains the Temple it is in, and it is the self who is here to learn the error of it,s past actions. This is you and I, plus the rest of all humanity… Bronco…

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