Buddhist celebrities, Tina Turner

Tina Turner, Rocking Buddhist


In today’s world, more and more people proclaim to be Buddhist
celebrities. Tina Turner is one of them. Buddhism in Hollywood has its
perks as it is an instant image booster. Whether it’s Richard Gere
being in the Dalai Lama’s intimate circle, Steven Seagal being the
reincarnation of a rinpoche, the followers of the Buddha enjoy an
instant boost in their coolness factor.

Let`s examine some famous people who are or have been involved with Buddhism.

The long legged singer converted to Buddhism after a taking too many
sleeping pills (a suicide attempt?) due to her destructive relationship
with Ike, then husband and group leader.

In 1976, she summed up the courage to leave him and she did so
during a tour stop in Texas. This marked for her a four year stop in
her career and when she came back, she had difficulties to demark
herself at first. Strong with the conviction most highly religious
people have, she didn’t give up and tried again. She kept fighting
until she got another break from The Rolling Stones. Her career solo
was launched again with What Love’s Got To Do With It.


The singer of What’s love got to do with it is a follower of Nichiren and Sokka Gakkai, a controversial Buddhist sect from Japan. You can listen to her chanting the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo here, in an interview with Larry King.