the Vow


the Vow

by Lisa

(Oakland, CA)

I was raised Catholic but quickly found my way to Tibetan Buddhism. I went to karme choling and began studying and continued on that path, through meditation groups, research, reading, and deep contemplation. I was a buddhist meditator for 20 years before I finally took the refuge vow, and formalized my commitment to this path. Its one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am a Buddhist, I am home.

***comment from Hugo***

Thank you Lisa for your testimonial. Tell us, what is your daily practice like? What attracted you to Tibetan Buddhism?

****her answer****

It’s hard to say, really, what draws us to a particular faith or branch of a faith.

I always felt a deep connection with Tibet and the Kashmir part of northern India, and through this connection with Tibet came my curiosity about Tibetan Buddhism.

It’s very personal, very internal, not even a religion in some ways, almost more of a philosophy or way of thinking, as discussed by the Dalai Lama.

My daily practice consists of a brief meditation in the morning before work, and a longer one when I come home.

I light candles, burn incense, and sit in “pose” to tune into the stillness, the quietude, the simplicity of simply breathing.

Thank you for your comment and many blessings on your path!

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