Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara


Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara

by Jill


What is the name of the temple?

Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara

What is the address?

78, Austin Avenue, Kenwick, WA 6107 WA

Temple location

What is the URL?

None (see below)

What is the phone number?

(08) 9493 0040

What lineage/ sect or tradition does it belong to?

Theravada, Sri Lankan

What languages are available?

English, Sinhala

What is the name of the head person and his/ her title?

Ven. Beruwala Siri Sobhitha Thero

What programs, activities are offered? (i.e. addiction recovery, meditation, etc.

Sundays Buddha Puja and Dhamma sermon in Sinhala
Children’s Dhamma classes in English

Open daily to visitors

Yearly some famous fundraisers are held.
One is a Sri Lankan food fair on mother’s day.

Are there any other information you would like to have listed here?

The temple currently has no website.
If you want to have information on the lineage and details on the temple, you could visit the sister-temple in Canberra

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Website of Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Perth

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