Rituals in Zen Buddhism


Rituals in Zen Buddhism

by Krzysztof


Hello Hugo,
as a Zen practitioner I wonder how nowadays Japanese Zen Buddhism cultivates rituals. After transmission to USA and Europe by Japanese Zen Masters some of them were changed or even neglected. I want to understand what was changed and why.


*************My Answer**************


thank you for your answer. I am not an expert on Zen Buddhism so I cannot not answer your question in an honest way but I wanted to write this to tell you that I will look into it and let you know very soon.

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Jun 10, 2012

Listen Intently…

by: Bronco

First of all, Krzystof, how do you seperate Buddhism, of any description. do you not feel you are being opinionated and separational. In Buddhist teaching. There was only one Buddha, like Jesus, who were revered masters in physical form, representing the absolute universe…

Why do you find the need to differentiate between the two, or their teachings. Do you feel inadequate in some way regarding your teaching. Should this be the case, then I feel something is wrong somewhere. The very idea of teaching, is hitting the spot of awareness within, where all truths lay in waiting…To awaken, become realised, after that, the whole universe awaits ones awakening…

*******Note From Hugo*********


in many of your comments, you state that there is only one Buddhism and one Buddha. (Actually there are many, many Buddhas.) This one is the only real and universal Buddhism. I understand your idea and I wish it were true. Ultimately, there should only be one but unfortunately, Man being what we are, we complicate things.

There are now many schools of Buddhism and they all teach a variation of what Buddhism is. Some of them teach very different way of attaining enlightenment and others claim that you can only attain it after your death as others claim that you can do it while still alive.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

Who knows. I don’t and I doubt you do.

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