The never ending cycle of reincarnation in Hinduism

The never ending cycle of reincarnation in Hinduism

The never ending cycle of reincarnation in Hinduism

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The Question

We have heard that as Hinduism, Buddhism too presupposes reincarnation. The Karma effect makes it possible, according to the Sacred Tradition of Hinduism. But as Buddhism- at least in the original form- believes in the non-permanence of reality, what we see is an eternal flux. There can be nothing permanent, immutable substance like God, soul etc. If so, how is reincarnation possible?

Please kindly lead me from my spiritual ignorance.
Awaiting your reply,
Yours sincerely,

My answer

Hello Sebastian and thank you for your good question.
The answer to your question is in the meaning of the word impermanence.
Impermanence does not mean something that ends, that doesn’t last forever.

It means something that is always changing.

Take the example of a river. As long as the source exists, the river exists. The water in it is always changing and sometimes, the banks will move but the river itself still is.

Our life is like a pebble thrown in that river, we make some ripples (karma) and we are carried away by the current or sink. The river will keep flowing its course. Sometime, the river might carry away the pebble and leave it on a bank, until someone throws it back into the river.

So, simply put, reincarnation is not incompatible with impermanence as even death is impermanent, it will change into a rebirth.

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Jul 07, 2011

Reincarnation a concept, a part of life, but not life itself

by: sandy

The words get in the way.

The word represents different things. There was a time when I started along my path and I would study the words and seek to compare them. For example I remember wondering about as seperate concepts: “reincarnation”, “permanence”, “impermanence”, “love”, “hate”.

What was happening to me is something which is also referred to by words:”a duality in my thinking”. In other words(no pun intended…smile) seeking to separate out concepts.

There is a stage of spritual growth for everything. Unfortunately when I was doing all this analyzing and conceptualizing I didn’t see that this was part of the path but not “the path”.

Moving into the “spirit” realm one could say from your experience that “reincarnation” is happening as a part of life every moment.

What I found important for me and my spiritual growth is to seek that which “is”. What exists behind the thoughts and concepts of “reincarnation”.

Who is it that sees this?

Who are you really? Is it important to you if you were another being in another life? I found that what is important to me, after over 50 years of searching is that I need to inquire as to who I really am behind the concepts.

An exploration of Reincarnation is part of experiencing life(a miniscule part). But beyond the word, who are you now?

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