Questions on the tea drinking ceremony.


Questions on the tea drinking ceremony.

by Mercedes Rose


Bible questions

As a school project I’m studying your religion and was wondering if there was anybody there that could answers a few questions I have about Buddhism and one of the ceremonies that Buddhist involve themselves in. The Chanoyu (Tea) Ceremony is the what I’m studying and I hope you have some insight on the questions that I have asked below.

Thank you.

– Mercedes Simmons

The Questions are the following
1. Why do Buddhist take part in the tea drinking ceremony?
2. Does it bring you closer to something or is just a ceremony?
3. With the research I’ve done on the ceremony I’ve learnt that the ceremony is based on the principles of respect, harmony, purity, and tranquillity, thus giving you complete peace. Do you find peace when you partake in the ceremony? Do you feel the things above?
4. In other pieces of information I’ve found I’ve learnt that everyone is equal in the tea house and everyone is paid great respect too. Is this true and do you feel equal with everyone in the room?
5. Do a lot of Buddhist partake in the ceremony or isn’t it common in the religion?
6. Do you think that other Australian oblivious to the actual context of tea drinking?
7. Is there anything you have to do before, through and after the ceremony?

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