Oregon Buddhist Temple


Oregon Buddhist Temple

What is the name of the temple?

Oregon Buddhist Temple founded 1903

What is the address?

3720 S.E. 34th Ave. Portland Oregon 97202

Temple location

What is the URL?


e-mail = [email protected]

What is the phone number?

(503) 234-9456

What lineage/ sect or tradition does it belong to?

Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha; Buddhist Churches of America; Nembutsu-centric Pure Land Mahayana in which saying the name of the Buddha of Unlimited Wisdom Light and Endless Life is recognized as being a process of realizing the Bodhisattva ideal.

What languages are available?

English is primary with Japanese secondary

What is the name of the head person and his/ her title?

Rev. Jundo Gregory Gibbs is the Jushoku or Resident Minister

What programs, activities are offered? (i.e. addiction recovery, meditation, etc.

Weekly services 10 a.m. on Sundays;
Tai Chi as Exercise class Mondays @ 1:30 pm, Fridays 7 pm;
Buddhist Study Classes Mondays @ 2:15 pm, Fridays @ 7:45 pm

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