Myohoji Buddhist Temple


Myohoji Buddhist Temple

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What is the name of the temple?
Myohoji Buddhist Temple

What is the address?

238 15th Street Atlanta, GA 30309

What is the URL?

What is the phone number?


What lineage/ sect or tradition does it belong to?

non-sectarian Mahayana Lotus Sutra Buddhism

What languages are available?

What is the name of the head person and his/ her title?

Houn Joriki Marcus

What programs, activities are offered?

meditation, sutra chanting, mantra practice and Dharma study, calligraphy classes

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Confusion In General…

by: Bronco

Dear Hugo,,,

What is happening to Buddhism, in Japan, I have heard many news bulletins stating, that Buddhism in Japan is on the decline…

There are also reports of Chinese Buddha’s being stolen within Japan, what is happening to our amazing science of ife, which is how I describe Buddhism…

I share no bias against any other religion, in fact I embrace them all in meditation. Buddha, Jesus, God, Consciousness and Param Atman are including in my daily meditation inseparably. Leavin nobody or nothing out is an amazing sensation of oneness…

I have no confusion of anything any more regarding religions, because they are saying the very same things, again inseparably entirely. For me the sad thing is, that many other religions still contain that very bias which continues to confuse the globes people…

Good to hear from you again, keep up the good work even though things are slow. There appears to be a reluctance for people to express themselves, or even maybe lost all interest in all religions. Something seems extraordinarily out of synch with the globes people…

Sincere best wishes Bronco…

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