My views on the Christian Faith


My views on the Christian Faith

(Mobile, Alabama USA)

I have lead a tormented life as a christian, Not believing and always searching for truth that I could not find. The Christian way has jaded my views until now. I have always been connected more with nature. I am just beginning to open my eyes and think it may be the hardest undertaking ever to unlearn all the lies that have been thrust upon me by Christianity. I feel I can truly start learning.

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Mar 18, 2011

its not religion its us

by: sandra

There is only a person. Seek truth . That was the enlightened ones messagE anD to love one another. You can find truth for yourself by reading holy texts and experientially. You don’t have to join anything. Just express love. Be kinD, be patience. Don’t judge others. Don’t label others. Just tend to your own development. Live your truth. Live your faith. Read about buddha, read about christ,read about them all. Get tolstoy,s book on religion,yes he had love and was rejected by his people as we all shall be til people realize that a religion is not truth but being love is. Welcome to this world.

Mar 25, 2011

Aomori Gaijin

by: Anonymous

You don’t discuss what you mean by the Christian aith has jaded you. I am Christian and I love nature. We are to be stewards of this world that God made. But I don’t worship the trees, the water, etc. I worship the God who created them. His spirit is in them. The problem in Buddhism for me is that it relies on personal deeds or enlightenment to escape this life and ponders the woes of the world. The woes of the world are relieved in the meantime by people acting as God would and following his ways in interaction with others. Meditating on community, self-reflection on how we indiviually act and what we can do are good things. Ancient Christianity also practiced these things. But we don’t seek to escape the world. We are to be in the world (engage with the people and help them, love them, share God with them) but not to be of the world (to keep our minds on heavenly things, to act according to God’s ways and will and know that our true home in in heaven with God, not on earth which will pass away.) Just the beginning point of all the things we could look at regarding what your experience with Christianity has been and understanding how Christian thought meshes with some of the things important to you. The difference is monotheism and salvation not through any act of our own, as we are flawed and will never be perfect. You should look into Orthodox Christian thought which goes into areas that seem to be of importance to you like our relationship with nature, creation, the universe. God bless you on your spiritual joourney.

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