My Short Story….


My Short Story….

by Adwen Jameson

(Charlotte, NC)

I feel naturally drawn to Buddhism at this stage in my life…The curiosity to explore Buddhism just came to me…It’s hard to put in words.

The Buddhists concepts make more sense to me than any other philosophy, theology, etc… that I have ever studied.

I read and study and what often comes to my mind is: “but of course!”, it’s an exhilerating and joyful feeling. I’ve barely begun to walk the path and still have so much to learn but I’m already finding a new sense of self and peace because of what I am learning. I’m seeking more guidance and knowledge…

****Note from Hugo****

Thank you for your story. What form of Buddhism appeals to you the most? (you can answer in the comment section below)

We all have our reasons to seek out the truth that speaks to us the most. I’m glad you could find yours.

Thank you again for sharing.

With gratitude,


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