my human revolution


my human revolution



Those who criticize SGI either do not understand Nichiren’s Buddhist philosophy or are misguided.
I have been practicing for the last 10-12 years. I received unlimited benefits. This philosophy is spreading with words not with war, govt. Instructions, circulars and emotions.
Thousands of members have changed their life through this philosophy. whatever may be, correct teaching is essential. Some of the erroneous priests of other school are taking advantage of these ignorant believers. SGI has life and will remain in the future also. No one can destroy SGI even if it is tried. It has solid foundations based on unity, courage, compassion, hope, integrity, wisdom, etc. SGI is one and will remain one. Those who will defame it will fall on his own created bad karma.
I am 61 years old now and unemployed since 2007(March) but I have got protection from my gohonzon. Both my children look after me.
I have gone through a heart bypass surgery in 2006(Oct).
Entire expenses were met without any problem.
I was impatient but after joining this practice. I am now cool and understanding. I was short tempered but now not. Sometimes I was selfish but now not. My entire life has been changed and everything is going in a positive direction.
What else do I require? At present I am looking after my fellow members on a daily basis. Their problems are now my problems and I try to solve them.
Concluding, I wish to comment that “SGI is one, SGI will remain, SGI is everlasting, it is truth and eternal”

Gautam sen gupta

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Oct 09, 2012

Life sucks, then you get sucked into the SGI

by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting your experience. I am sure that every word you wrote will help many other good folk out there in their decision to avoid the SGI at any cost.
If anyone wants to be ****edited to remove the insult*** like you, then your words of wisdom will certainly help them along the path to their very own Ikeda fantasy land.

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