Ms. Pamela J. Quiton


Ms. Pamela J. Quiton

by Pamela J. Quiton

(San Francisco, CA)

I Had a very strange time, but now I know that all the bad stuff that was happening to me back then was a cleansing and not a scary thing. I had a gohnzon too. I got scared and got rid of it now I wish I didn’t it wasn’t bad I had a lot of bad stuff to get rid of. I’m sorry I wasn’t a good follower.

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Jun 03, 2012


by: Bronco

Hiya Pamela…

Your past and everyones past, is why we are here, to become realised to our past actions, even though we have no idea what our past was. It is that very intuitive awareness within us all which drives us on, however, it is the beckoning of the absolute which creates all of this beckoning…

Once we become realised, our thinking process and eventual actions are more clynical, then we let our guard down for just a second, long enough for the consequences to arrive. Mindfulness is essential at all times to remain focused on our job in hand…Enlightenment, Nirvana, Heaven, they are all the same dimension in mind….

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