by Joe

(Florence, KY)

My life has been full of stress and seeing bad things between law enforcement and military, including 2 tours in Iraq. I am seeking more peace in my life, my mind and soul. I do not denounce God, but am interested the ways and teachings of Buddha.

Hugo’s comment.

Life is suffering. This is one Buddha’s first observations. He was looking for a way to end suffering and found it.

It’s called the Noble Eightfold Path.

Joe, are you already on the path? Are you interested in it? Are you studying Buddhism?

Your concern about God is valid and in my humble opinion, one can be Christian and follow the Buddhist precepts at the same time because the Buddhist precepts are all in alignment with what Jesus taught. This is the reason why some people consider Jesus as a Buddha.

Just get a good book and study all you can but mostly, put it in practice.

I wish you courage and peace.


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