by Kelly


I grew up in a very non believing family (any type of religion/beliefs). But I have always found myself drawn to Japan, especially the temples, culture and artwork, as I have grown older I am also drawn to buddhism, the teachings, yoga, meditation.

I can not even pinpoint how I even came to be aware of Buddhism, I believe it found me, and through my strong intuition. My whole life I have been feeling as though something is missing, never quite fitting in, a lot of anxiety. Growing up in my family, I never thought it would be accepted to follow Buddhism, but although they do not understand it, I am now comfortable to stand up for what I believe in. Since accepting this path, I feel like I fit in, and know that it is OK to think differently and not be judged, to want a happy a fulfilling life, surrounded by like minded people.

I feel amazingly alive when surrounded by the Buddhas teachings. I am only just beginning my journey in buddhism, and already feel my life means so much more, I feel like I am where I am supposed to be.

I can foresee a happy and enlightened future for myself now. I have rid myself of the self pity and despair that used to rule my life.

I thank Buddha for his teachings and wonderful ways of life.

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