I would like to convert to Buddhism


I would like to convert to Buddhism

by Laura

(Portsmouth, Hampshire, England)

Turning The Wheel of Dharma

Turning The Wheel of Dharma


I am christian at the moment and I just have been thinking about it part of my family are Buddhists so I do not know what to do or how I would do it ?

My answer:

Laura, thank you for your question. I don’t know if you have read my page on the subject of converting to Buddhism but if you haven’t you shoud start there.

You’ll see that I first say that it’s not necessary to convert to Buddhism and abandon one’s religion if what you want is to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. If, after having explored the Buddhist teachings, you still feel the need to change your religion, you can do so, of course. Buddhism, like many other religions, has many schools of thought.You should read on them and decide which one appeals to you. Another thing you can do is talk to your relatives, of course.

Ask them what school of Buddhism they follow and ask them guidance if their religion appeals to you. They can tell you what to do better than I can.

What is important, though is to listen to your heart and do not believe something tells you if it goes against your principles. There are so many path to illumination, one is bound to be in agreement with your values.

Good luck in finding that path quickly.




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