I want to convert to Buddhism


I want to convert to Buddhism

by Luis Reambonanza

(Manila, Philippines)

I was born and raised a Catholic. When my parents died, my siblings who are all “devout” Catholics has been so greedy on sharing with me the properties and moneys our parents have left, supposedly, for all of us.

How can some people (more so my own family) claim to be good Christians, but when it comes to money matters, they become so greedy.

I grew-up following the teachings of our religion and a good Christian. I believe the Love begets Love, helping others beget being helped in times of need. I have been praying to Lord Jesus for blessings I ought to have, yet I feel Jesus is blind and deaf on my pleadings.

I always believe in the Law of Karma, yet I often wonder what bad Karma have I done to deserve my present condition?

********Note From The Editor***********

Thank you for your comment.

So, you want to convert to Buddhism because you are not pleased with the way your family treated you, or Jesus did not reply to your prayers?

Anger is not a reason to go in Buddhism. If I misread you, I am sorry.

Buddhism is all the opposite of anger. You will want to gain peace within yourself and then with the outside world.

Good luck in your quest for peace.

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Apr 20, 2013

Find the truth yourself

by: Anonymous

Luis, before you want to convert to Buddhism, first you need to study, examine, understand, and test the teaching and belief of Buddhism. It’s difficult for you to understand if I say Buddhism doesn’t give you the life you want and need. It’s you from within.

Buddhism is like a pointer and a guidance to help you get a peaceful life. The journey to get there is you need to understand the teaching of Buddhism, the four noble truths. Suffering is part of that noble truths. If you are willing to let go of the attachment, in your case the anger of not getting the money your parents left behind, angry at your greedy siblings, you are preparing yourself for Buddism. Let me warn you. It is not easy to do.

Core teaching of Buddhism is the “self” and “descipline”. There is no God. The self here means look into yourself to find enlightment and to become part of the nature, not to become selfish. Be compassionate. Buddhism is not easy to understand, believe, and do. You need to open your mind first before you learn Buddhism.

Don’t blindly believe in it or anyone teaching you but go and find the truth yourself. How? Get the book or find any Buddist centre for guidance.

Hope this helps.

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