I am Iranian and love Buddhism


I am Iranian and love Buddhism

by sam


The Question:

I love Buddhism but I don’t know how to become a Buddhist in my country(Iran). There is no temple and there is no buddhist community. Please help me.


My answer:

Hello Sam.
Sorry it took some time before I answered your question. I had to look up some information a little and I am sorry to say that you seem right. There is no official Buddhist organization in Iran.

I am not aware of the situation but could it be because the regime suppresses all other religion? Is only Islam accepted?

This is interesting because according to a paper written by Mehrak Golestan (found at http://www.iranian.com/History/2004/December/Buddhism/index.html)

“…the first instance of Buddhism entering Iran seems to have been during the life of the historical Buddha, Sakyamuni (roughly 5/6th century BCE. The legend speaks of two Merchant brothers from Bactria (modern day Afghanistan) who visited the Buddha in his eighth week of enlightenment, became his disciples and then returned to Balkh (major city of Bactria) to build temples dedicated to him. Whatever the historical validity of this story, there is strong evidence to show that Balkh did become a major Buddhist region and remained so up until the Arab Muslim invasion of the 7th century.”

There are also some archaeological evidences of Buddhism’s influence in the region.

Nowadays, Buddhism seem to have gone underground in the region, if it exists at all.

The only advice I can give you is to study by yourself, practice the precepts, follow the noble eight-fold path and try to find other like-minded people. If it is legally allowed (I don’t know whether it is or not) why not start your own community?

If you do so, I’ll be happy to list it in my List of Buddhist communities.

If any one else has a resource to offer Sam, please do it in the comment section below.

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Mar 09, 2012


by: ali

hi Saam
i ‘m Iranian buddhist

my Buddhist weblog in Persian.

******Note from Hugo****

Thanks for the link Ali!

Jun 01, 2012

Buddhism in the East

by: Betty

Hi Sam,

Glad to read your comments. Have you read the books You were born for a reason? Or unlocking Tannisho? They are the best books I’ve ever read!

Also I have Skype meeting with those interested. Let me know if you can join us, let me know!

Feb 17, 2013

beign buddhist

by: Anonymous

buddhism is not a religion, its away of life,you do to have to pray or go to temples to be buddhist, it is how you live your life. Becoming buddhist isnt something that you achieve by doing a ceremony or receiting certain verses, its when you truly undestand hte meaning of life,pain and suffering. You see in buddhism there is not hell nor heaven isntead we belive in rebirth and karma, now this may not be widley accepted by every body or even you that does not matter like I said again its albout how you live your life.One of the main points in buddism is that nothing is infinite, nothing remains not our freinds our family,wealth our lives or even the earth we stand on. Everything in the end dies as all living things must,one must acvcept this fact and let go of fearing death and of losing things we hold dear in our lives like our friends and family. Once you have accepted this realty it will be easier to live a life that follows the teaching of the buddha.ONe thing i must stress is that you have to come to this conclusions by your self, you do not have to belive me or agree with me because I told you something. one needs to think for themselves, question evrything and by them selves as through that come to a state of selfrealization

Feb 18, 2013

for sam

by: Anonymous

Mr. sam, Thanx for your love to Buddhism in where you may get love, compassion and wisdom. I have a good information for you that there is anciant buddhist temple found in Iran recently. It’s 2 thousand years old temple.

Thaking you.



Feb 20, 2013

e learning

by: Anonymous

I found a good site for everyone to study about Buddhism.


Specially it has both Theravada (Sri Lanka/India/Nepal) and Mahayana (China/Malaysia/Japan) concepts included.

Feb 22, 2013

I am Iranian and love Buddhism

by: sukalu2005(at)yahoo(dot)com

Dear Sam,

Having seen your request on this page I like to communicate with you further about this subject.I am a Sri Lankan Buddhist and I don’t see any reason why you can’t learn Buddhism because internet is the best place to study any subject.We practice Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka and there are lot of resources on the web.Presidents of both countries are good friends and I don’t see any barriers to learning.Being a Buddhist I am learning Islam, Christianity to enhance my knowledge and make my life meaningful.

May God Bless you!


Feb 27, 2013

Brief Note on Buddhist Concept

by: Anonymous

Dear Sam,

I suggest that you read a simple book explaining on Buddhism written by Naradha Thera.You can find the following book in the internet.

The Buddha and His Teachings — Ven. Narada Maha Thera.

You should understand the reality of life “anithya”,(Impermanence) “Dukkha'(unsatisfactporiness,Suffering etc.,) & “Anathma’ (Non – Self).Boooklets or talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso is recommended.

Next is all thoughts to be actioned in accordance with “Yoniso – Manasikara” i.e “Sathima”,”Sampaganna’ and “Aathapi”

Sathima-Think wisely with consciousness

Sampaganna – Identify whether the action would lead to Kusal i.e Kusal Kamma (wholesome deeds)or Akusal i.e Akusal Kamma (i.e evil etc.,)

Then indentify the “Anusas’ (benefits of Kusal both in this world as well as next world)) & “Aadinawa” (repurcussions etc.,)

Aathapi- If Leads to Kusal initiate Action with effort.

If not do not act.

Next is to read on a few Sutra discourses of Lord Buddha.

May the Triple Gem (Buddha,Dhamma,&Sangha) Bless You

Sincerely Yours

Ranjith Amarasinghe

Aug 03, 2013

Buddhist in Iran

by: Karma

Dear Sam,

I am an Iranian Buddhist and to be honest it is not easy to remain a Buddhist in Iran. However, I accepted the hardship to convert to Buddhism and practice it. You can travel to a country where there is a Buddhist organization and ask the Sangha there to convert you. For example India.

Aug 16, 2013


by: Anonymous

Hi Sam, I am Indonesian Buddhist and yes I am a convert living in Indonesia. I came to Theravada Buddhism ritually, but practicing Zen in my meditation, since I found it was easier and suitable for me in all situation. According to what I knew, to become a buddhist you just need to chant The Refugee in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha three times. And welcome you are buddhist! But then since you live in Iran, I believe you dont have to make altar, Buddha statue, etc if it only cause a trouble. Buddhism is so simple! For first keep living by avoiding 5 things; killing, false speech, adultery, sexual misconduct, intoxicant(as these concept according to Buddhism is different than in Abrahamic religion I recommend you to read more), then you can start praciting meditation.

You can see here : http://web.singnet.com.sg/~alankhoo/Precepts.htm

Believe me buddhism is as simple as not to do any evil, to cultivate good, and to purify mind.

Triple Gems bless you !

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