How do Buddhist deal with pain?


How do Buddhist deal with pain?

by Emily

(Garfield hts Ohio)

How do Japanese Buddhist deal with pain?

my answer

For Buddhists in general, pain and suffering are illusions brought to us through the 5 skandhas, or 5 gateways to our existence.

This reality is actually not real and we live an illusion. Just like in the movie The Matrix.

This does not prevent the pain from feeling real of course. I am just telling you what is suffering in Buddhism.

The way to get rid of suffering is the Noble Eightfold path.

Now, Buddhist will often meditate or, in the case of the Pure Land Buddhists, chant mantras.
This has been proven to lessen pain and make it easier to live with the remaining pain.

If you are suffering, in your soul or body, why don’t you try meditation or chanting?

In compassion,

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Sep 06, 2011

Root cause of suffering

by: Bita

Pure land Buddhism teaches that pain exists as long as the root cause of suffering is there. Just like the root of a tree is where nutrition goes up and maintains a tree, as long as the root of suffering is left unnoticed, no matter how many branches of the tree of suffering we cut, more branches and leaves will continue to grow.Buddhism teaches the dark mind to be the root cause of suffering. Once dark mind is dispelled, suffering transforms to joy! Please read the book you were born for a reason or skype me at bitaasakura for more!

Mar 27, 2012


by: Bronco

Hello Emily…

Not all questions derive answers, quoted Buddha, we always have to find out for our selves. We don’t like pain of any kind, when it arrives, the inquiries begin. There is nowhere where thoughts do not go, within our negative condition of pain…

Pain does not arrive alone, in its wake arrives fear of wondering, why now, has this pain manifested. Will it lead to end of this life, is one extreme of fear. When it passes, our thoughts bring happiness. Then we ask, why did I worry, what did I gain from worrying…

Could I have prevented fear and worry, no we could not, because the two are inseparable. One thing is for sure and that is, we learn from the negative side of balance. All our sadness and morbidness, all arrive with the negatives, we cannot avoid processing both dimensions of, positive and negative. Most certainly all dualities or opposites are inseparable dimensions, we cannot have one without the other…

Back to the unanswerable question once again. WHY…Take comfort from the fact, that we all have to process all of the dualities which manifest. What we are are, is a process of the absolute process inseparably…

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