How can I remove a curse I incurred from my soul?


How can I remove a curse I incurred from my soul?

by John Brooks

(Olympia, WA USA)

I learned in the arts when I was a young man. I learned how to kill with the word of anger(mind).

At first, I thought it was a coincidence. It took me years to learn how to direct the anger until recently.

I had a fall that took most of my ability to remember what I learned, as well as my ability to control my own anger. At anytime now I should see the white coats coming to pick me up, (again).

I have proof, yet no-one has the nads to follow up. I must be a nut case to believe so, because not even the cops believe in Buddhism if they want to keep a job…

My answer:


I have no way of telling if what you say is true or if it is the result of your mind. I do believe what you say exists but unfortunately (or fortunately in this case), often times, people with mental disorder claim such things.

I am going to assume that you are not of that category when you say that you can use your mind to kill, as I don’t know you and I want to help you.

I actually not the correct person to help you with any curses you might have. I have been helped before and all I can tell you is that you should go to a priest of the esoteric school. They are: Tendai, Shingon, in the Japanese schools and you can also go to a Tibetan Buddhist priest.

Alternatively, a native American shaman could help you with this also. They will all work differently but in similar fashions on the problem. My friend and mentor is both versed in shamanism and Shingon. He claims that they join each other in many aspects.

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