Homosexuality and Japanese Buddhism


Homosexuality and Japanese Buddhism

by Lazaro

(New Jersey )

Ikkyū (一休宗純 Ikkyū Sōjun?, 1394–1481) (self-named:

Ikkyū (一休宗純 Ikkyū Sōjun?, 1394–1481) (self-named: “Crazy Cloud”) was an eccentric, iconoclastic Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and poet. He had a great impact on the infusion of Japanese art and literature with Zen attitudes and ideals. He is reputed for having had homosexual relations.

Is homosexuality accepted in Japanese Buddhism ?
I read the article and it seems like the Dalai Lama kept changing. His stance on homosexuality . What do you think?
I don’t think Buddha has a problem with homosexuality,I think the close. Minded people do. In the article Japanese buddhist monks would have sex with one another. Is it ok for gays and. Lesbians to join and be accepted in Japanese Buddhism?
As a gay man, I’m looking for guidance and spirituality , but it makes me wonder if Japanese Buddhism is right for me. It was a bit confusing reading the article. Gays, lesbians, transgendered people can become Buddhists , but cannot be ordained. Why can’t they? It seems like Japanese Buddhism is being unfair to the lgbt community.
Is Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism the same way or practiced different? What is there stance on lgbt people?


****My answer****


Thank you for your question. I am not an expert on the ethics of Japanese Buddhism but I can tell you a few things.

First, not many religions are very kind to homosexuality. Some promote killing homosexuals, others denounce it and in Buddhism, it is ignored at best, denounced at worst.

Since I wrote the article, a nice, detailed article has been added to Wikipedia on the subject. It says more than I could, with quotes and references so I cannot but refer you to it:

Japanese Buddhism and Homosexuality.

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