Hokkeko vs. Soka Gakkai


Hokkeko vs. Soka Gakkai

by Dana


Hello, I wanted to share my experience.
I got out of the evil and horrible Soka Gakkai!! It was the best decision I ever made. The Soka Gakkai did everything it could to keep the laity (worshippers) distant from the Nichiren ShoShu Priests. I continue to practice with the Nichiren ShoShu, now. SGI can NEVER take that away from me. Someday the world will see Ikeda and the SGI for the evil organization it really is.

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Dec 19, 2010


by: Anonymous

I think you got it backwards. Justice vs. injustice. Going from an organization of openness to blindly following the priests. Think about your actions.


Feb 25, 2011


by: Anonymous

why do you need to go through the priesthood in order to attain your own enlightenment and buddha nature? the idea is completely at odds with nichiren’s teachings.

Mar 01, 2011

Compassion for all

by: Anonymous

Hopefully the truth can be revealed to the blind soon.

Can how one gain Buddhahood and Enlightenment without a proper teacher and a correct object of worship?

How could one without Heritage of the law and the High sanctuary of Dai-Gohonzon lead people to the True happiness?

Do not condemn the blind but educate them, do not let the blind get on your nerves, for we must have the deep compassion. Let them curse, swear and insult, for everything has a cause and effect relationship, or rather let them form a poison-drum relationship.

For the fortunate ones whose eyes have seen the True Law, dont stop propagating. Keep the spirit on for worldwide Kosen Rufu!

Mar 19, 2011

Civil dialogue would help

by: Anonymous

I don’t think that it’s useful to slander either Hokkeko or the Soka Gakkai. I have no doubt that there are good and sincere people in both organizations. There may be real differences of opinion but I think that this animosity hurts both organizations. Many potential believers likely look at this conflict and think “How can they ever hope to achieve world peace when they can’t even achieve a truce between two Nichiren sects?”. It would likely be useful if the two organizations would engage in a civil, online dialogue to reach such a truce, if not a full resolution, of this conflict.

May 04, 2011

The Evil of Soka Gakki

by: kcworld

In Soka Gakkai Also One has To Go Through a Evil Priest Called Daisaku Ikeda, a Slanderer of The Highest Order, Who Has Done Everything That He Could to Destroy Buddhism Worldwide and Spread His Own Evil Philosophy Worldwide in the Name of Spreading Buddhism. It is Like Selling a Duplicate Medicine in the Name of The Original, Those Who Consume It Think That They have Got The Original Medicine, but Latter on Instead of Getting Better, They Become More Sick In The End. They Lose Their Minds and Can No Longer Distinguish Between The Correct and Incorrect Teachings of The Buddhism. Such People Will In The End Definitely Fall Into The Hell FOR THE SLANDERS THAT THEY HAVE COMMITTED!

May 23, 2011

no title

by: Roberto

Hi to everybody, i am an italian member of SGI and I agree with the fact which a civil dialogue would help, avoiding to “demonize” each other. I would like to meet people of the hokkeko in order to chant together in front of their Gohonzon as i am tryng to do with other members of other schools.
I think the best way to solve this conflict which lasts too much, with sorrows in both the sides, is as first act chant together, then discuss without anger. I think that as earthly bodhisattvas we should overcome the differences among us. I did not choose Buddhism in order to start civil wars. We should avoid to criticize and slander each other which is the worst slander of the law we both can do, no matter who is right or wrong, for the sake of all the people who chant and spread Nam(u) Myoho Renge Kyo.
I wish the best to you all

Note from the editor:
Thanks Roberto, I agree with you, conflicts are unnecessary and just a result of the ego of men.

May 29, 2011


by: Roberto

My appeal to both SG and Hokkeko members is to stay out of this “mess”. Only the “High Ranks” of both the sides know what exactly happened in Japan twenty years ago. Let them solve this conflict on their own, without involving us.

Nov 15, 2011

you know the old Adage

by: Anonymous

The conflict between NSA and SGI is just that A 20 year old conflict that No one knows what the real reason is anymore. It has become so common among the 2 organizations that is has become like Oil and water, Never mixing and always in conflict with each other.

From what I have Read in the recent days about what the other is saying and vice versa. It makes the whole conflict sound like a “He Said She Said” sort of Argument. Frankly Its getting old and I’m certainly tired of hearing about it day after day after day, or every year around October.

WE all want to learn about Daishonin’s Teaching. WE all have that right to learn the differences and then decide on our own what is right and what is wrong.

I’m Sorry I want to Learn about Buddhism and not about the civil conflict between NSA and SGI or any other sect of Nichiren Buddhism. All the Sects deserve the respect that they have earned no matter what the Internal problems are.

Dec 12, 2011

Soka vs. Hokekko

by: violet blue

Soka vs. Hokekko: mystical materialism for the masses. They don’t believe in God, yet the members treat the Gohonzon like a deity. Sorry, but there’s a conflict there. The best thing I every did was leave. Long live Our Lord Jesus Christ who conquered death.

Dec 13, 2011

The Gohonzon is not bad.

by: Anonymous

To the person who feels that JESUS is the way, and Buddhist have it wrong:

You sit in judgement of those who chant in front of a Gohonzon. Buddhists know it’s no more of a God than a Bible is God to a Christian. BOTH Objects are a collect of words considered to be precious to the beholder.

When Christians go to church to worship, what happens? They hear the words from the bible being read. They cherish and worship those words as holy and sacred. Buddhists feel that the same way about their Gohonzons and the Gosho for the same reason.

Most Christians make use of an image, either a cross, statue, passage of their Bible, and some even use rosary beads and candles. Many kiss their cross or bible, and some will anoint them with oil, a pagan practice carried over into Christianity. You NEVER see a Buddhist kissing their Gohonzon or rubbing magic oil on it the way so many Christians do to their crosses.

Although Buddhists do not kiss their Gohonzon the way many Christians kiss their crosses, I believe that Buddhists don’t hold any less reverence for their Gohonzon than a Christian does for their cross or Bible. We just don’t worship the Gohonzon to the severity of kissing it. So, if anyone’s worship practice is treating something like it’s a living being that needs to be kissed to show it affection, it’s not Buddhists who are doing that, but Christians!

I believe that a dedicated man or woman who is a priest/pastor/rabbi/and so on, dedicated to humanity, is a good person, no matter what – Catholic, Buddhist, Mormon, whatever it is. Good is Good Period! It is not predicated upon a particular religion or sect. I’ve chanted, studied, and practiced with Buddhists of different sects and Christians of different faiths. Why do I spend time with them reading Gosho, Bible, Book of Mormon, and others? Because Good is Good no matter what.

If any of us REALLY care about others, we will share what we know, allow others to be who they are, and be happy for them when they find happiness and enlightenment.

You can’t overdose on goodness. Just because Blue looks good on me does not mean that it will look good on someone else. Just because a person likes hip-hip music, doesn’t mean that it’s the correct choice for everyone, and that all other forms of music are the wrong form.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and mankind has certainly come up with many creative ways to compose and perform music as well as creative paths to enlightenment. If you feel that Jesus is the correct path for you, that’s great, but knocking others for having found happiness in a different way of worship, that shows me that you are concerned with what you feel, and it’s all about you, and that you want to have it your way, and that the rest of us who don’t agree with you are all sinful and wrong. People who make statements like yours are precisely why I am no longer a Christian minister.

Dec 13, 2011

How do you kill a God?

by: Anonymous

To the individual who claims that Jesus is alive, I’ve yet to met anyone who has seen him recently.

Since you claim that Jesus is the Lord/God, then I’d Like to ask you the following question:

How Does One Kill A God? Please answer this question without going into hysterics of “He Is Risen” or “The blood of the lamb.”

Consider this: When Jesus was being crucified, He screamed at God, “Why have you forsaken me?” How ungodly!

It’s obvious that Jesus did Not receive any Divine Intervention, Protection, or Favor from God! He was left to die on the cross -humiliated, tortured, and left to die on the cross as Proof of being A Human that Can Be Killed, NOT an indestructible God!

Consider the Bible story of Jesus’ crucifixion, that it could have been described very differently: “And God was So angry with Jesus for impersonating God, that God refused to help him, and allowed him to be shown for what he truly was – an impostor! God allowed the impostor to be punished as proof for all to see that he was not God, that he could be killed just like any man, and so it was that God did not rescue or comfort him, but instead allowed the world to be witness to the terrible lie that he had told the world, “If you see me, you’ve seen the father.” For had the father truly been with him, he would have never allowed him to suffer needlessly, to be humiliated, tortured, and to be put to death as the mortal human he was. God allowed humanity a chance to become aware of one of the greatest counterfeit false Gods of all time – Jesus.”

The message Jesus’ death on that cross sent was not one of “I died for you so that all of your sins can be washed away!”. The message Jesus sent to the world was, “I lied! I’m not really an immortal, indestructible God, I lied. Although I am not a typical person, as I proved to you all by the things I did for you to see, I was not honest when I allowing you to think that God and I are one in the same. I lied. Because of my lie, I am being forsaken by God and left to die for my sin.” That’s the message that was sent, because you Can’t Kill a God! A God would not need to allow himself to be killed or to put on a falsehood of being killed. It would serve no purpose.

Based on the bible, God showed favor to the Jews and allowed Moses to part the sea, and a host of other things, like allowing Jesus to do miracles, but why then would God not do a simple task to save his so-called own son?

You Can’t Kill A God! Saying that he went up into heaven, well, that’s all good and nice, but no matter how you look at it, you can’t kill a God, and Jesus was killed, Dead! Your Bible contradicts itself. In Genesis, it says that each creature will produce offspring after its own kind. If that is true, then a Human can only give birth to another Human, not a monkey or a God. It goes against “God’s Word” in Genesis, and if you are a good Christian, you can’t go against what God says, can you?

Dec 13, 2011

My apologizes

by: Violet Blue

I want to apologize for my comments. Sorry if I can across as insensitive and intolerant.

I was, I confess, going by my experiences at a specifice Hokekko temple that I belonged to:

What I saw in this specific temple, were member putting down other Buddhist sects, and of course, other religions. Very Un-Buddha-like. They believed that there way is the only way – no different than others.

More than once I’ve heard members say, “if you stop practicing, bad things will happen to you”. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Isn’t it similar to telling someone that they’re going to Hell?

Once again, my deepest apologize. As Buddha, Christ or any spiritual person would say, we have to be compassionate of accepting of others, and our differences. Peace.

***********Note from Hugo**********

Violet Blue,

This message shows how mature and humble you are.
Your first message showed a little confrontation but his one shows a better attitude that most people, when talking about religion, should have.
Thank you.

Dec 14, 2011

You’re welcome, Hugo!

by: Violet Blue

You are so welcome, Hugo. As I stated before, in every religion, you’re going to find good people and bad people; your intolerant, arrogant ones and your tolerant, peaceful ones. If the world were more like the latter, it would be a better place. We all can learn from each other. A perfect example: one of my favorite saints of all times, Francis of Assisi, loved and respected everyone and everything alike. But what touched me the most about him was his friendship with a famous sultan during one of the bloodest times in history – during the Crusades. If that doesn’t say it all, then I don’t know what. Peace, brother!

Dec 16, 2011

Two Asuras

by: Anonymous

It is no wonder they fight like two Asuras. The SGI is the crooked shadow of the crooked tree [NST].

Jan 22, 2012


by: Anonymous

I agree, you have it backwards. Have you truly studied the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin then you realized you changed those who fight for justice for those who don’t care about it.

Mar 20, 2012

Neither IS the right way..

by: Anonymous

I am truly sad to see all the comments in between hokkeko and SGI..but most of all they even added and slandered Jesus in this link as well… I was raised as Catholic until I met my ex Bf who introduced me to Hokkeko (Pinole temple). I discovered a new way to get peace in my heart. I love the feeling while I chant, I get really emotional to an extent that I didn’t understand why I feel the way I do…and the feeling after like I have accomplished something good. This feeling is also a reason why I find myself going back and forth to Catholicism and Buddhism… the truth is within me. I found that(to others I may be wrong but this is just how I feel) both are good. It’s like a way to the real God Jesus called Father and Buddha had prayed to, to get his enlightment. Who is to say that there is more than one god? Maybe there is…maybe there isn’t… but why attack each other when we can just adopt and see it as a blessing or an enlightment…during some crisis, I felt I was losing myself. That’s when I found pentecostal, a part of Chistianity (chritians have different denominations)I found some peace when I was there..although it’s not quite the same experience the outcome was helpful to me as well…

A few years past (when some members found me from SGI) I went to SGI in SF. The experience I had there was different..although they want to talk about the differences between the two..I just chose to put it in one ear and out of the other.. and chanted with them..everyone is beautiful We all just wish the same thing: the we all do as well.

In the end with all the experiences I had with the different religions, I felt heart broken in many ways. I don’t know why people can’t just see the beauty in each other’s religion, instead they choose to see the bad and what’s worst is in order to keep their members, they talk down the other religions. Why can’t we just focus on what our hearts want without wanting to hurt the other?

Show to others what we can receive not by force but just pave the way for them. Whether they like it or not,let them choose, don’t choose for them.

Wouldn’t this be a better way?

****note from Hugo****

Thank you Anonymous for your comment. You are right in many ways. To me, when someone attacks another, they show their own insecurities and discredit the message they are trying to pass. Most religions, or I should say, many members of most religions fall into this pattern.

“My God is stronger than yours” is not necessary. Some would say that you are lost in your spiritual search because you go from an exclusive religion (Christianity is exclusive) to another (so is Nichiren Buddhism) but is it really important?

I am with you in that if you feel good, if it brings you peace, it must be good in some ways.

All roads go to Rome.
There are many paths to enlightenment. Some are faster, some are a detour. Ultimately we will all end up in the same place.

Peace and gratitude.


May 13, 2012

I hope you all SGI ppl can learn to read chinese

by: Anonymous

its completely laughable saying that u don’t have to go thru the priesthood to attain enlightenment…

yes you do, says by Daishonin himself…

the three treasures in chinese have always included the priesthood…

not the community of believers, justify it anyway you want, u just make yourself more dumber… I really hope some of you people can read Daishonin’s teachings in actually chinese characters and not english translations distorted by Ikeda, its really black and white…

not mentioning the fact that Daishonin went thru the priesthood itself, and then passed down to the second high priest, Nikko Shonin, who was also a priest as well…

do you really think Daishonin was that dumb and didn’t see this coming? if reaching enlightenment can bypass the priesthood?

Laughable, stop being stupid

****Note From Hugo***

Firstly, I do not appreciate the insults. Are you so insecure in your beliefs that you need to insult others under the cover of anonymity?

Second, your claim that the only way to enlightenment is through the priesthood only holds true if we believe that Daishonin held the ultimate truth. You claim he did. Others might disagree. Why do you thing you are more right than those who disagree? Is it the same reason that the Christians know what they know? It’s written in a book?

Buddha mentioned something about having your own truth, not believing in something because someone claims it. Experience it for yourself and then judge of its exactitude.

Calling people stupid does not really bring good arguments in your camp…sorry. If you do it again, I’ll have to ban you.

May 29, 2012


by: jo

peace starts with dialogue and tolerance. As two organisations who seek world peace and happiness we must show tolerance towards each other and all buddhists and other religions. If we can’t put our own house in order what hope do we have for world peace?

Oct 31, 2012

Hokkeko vrs SGI

by: Mike

I personally was SGI years ago but even in those days I felt I wanted to be Hokkeko. I will follow the Priesthood always. If one is knowledgeable of the teachings of the Priesthood then you know that each person attains or doesn’t attains Buddhahood on their own. The Priesthood are custodians of the Treasure and the 3 Secret Laws.

I know there are most likely many SGI members who are good and decent folks and have their reasons for staying in SGI. Having said that, I think Hokkeko should treat SGI like any religion. If we have an opportunity to Skbku then do so. But I don’t think we should give them all the attention we do. It serves no good purpose. NMRK

Nov 25, 2012


by: Anonymous

If the Nichiren Shoshu had not taken Shito talisma during the Second War II, everything would be ok. You can say everything you want about SGI, but you can never say that they betrayed the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin.

Dec 05, 2012

And you call yourself Buddhists? AHAHAHA

by: Tony Bruno

Its 20 years I read the insults between the Nichiren sects, especially between Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Shoshu. Every time I have the desire to go back and chant I read these comments and I just run away. Like me many other people who don`t know anything about this was between the 2 organizations. It`s so sad that people call themselves Buddhist,(I am talking to all of you, not taking one side) using this kind of language and insulting and praying for other brother and sister death and sending them to “hell”…So so so SAD. Maybe in the Nichiren tradition they should practice a little bit of meditation or mindfulness so they can stop their anger and hate against other human beings. Thats why people call them CULTS, they all believe to be the ONLY True Buddhism and all the other Buddhists are evils and will go to hell…it reminds me the catholic church. Such a shame that a wonderful Sutra is ruined by these fanatics from both sides. when you will all open your eyes and stop doing this ridiculous war and learn to respect and love each one have a different way to practice or beliefs? I will wait for that day. In peace, Tony from London.

Mar 24, 2013

I left both

by: Anonymous

Never seek happiness out side of oneself. I found the light of enlightenment right inside of me. A wise man once said: For greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. When I began to do this I have found that I no longer needed the Gohonzon or any physical object to bow down to. If it all started with me and ends with me. Then I will seek inside of myself for the answers. I trust in no Organization, objects of worship or people to save me from any kind karma. I trust what is inside of me. I know that it is there, SO I just seek from within. The balance is within you not out side of you. If the Gohonzon is a physical representational version of all the aspects of a human being. Then I don’t need one. Because everything that a human processes can be accomplish both spiritually, mentally and physically by searching from within.

Apr 29, 2013

It’s all about…

by: Arnold Frenay


May 26, 2013

SGI vrs Hokkeko

by: Anonymous

I can only go by my own experience. I do agree there are nice people who mean well in both the SGI organization and the Nichiren Shoshu Religion Hokkeko believers.

SGI is, in fact, on the National cult list. They don’t just add organizations for fun. they evaluate how the organizations do things.

SGI doesn’t call before they show up. they just show up whether you have time to chat or not. They also always have to have one other person usually a leader in their organization with them.

I have met Mr. Ikeda in person. I have met Priests in person. I feel such a peaceful aura around the priests and they have never ordered me to do anything. They’ve never asked me to give them money. SGI requires you buy world tribune and tithe monthly.

From my viewpoint I look at the SGI as a separate organization just like I look at Christians or Muslims as different religions. In my opinion, the Priests have kept the law safe over the centuries. I think that is the purpose of Priests, Pastors or Rabbis. If you don’t have that kind of connection, you are in an organization, not a religion. Again, my opinion.

I will respect anyone as long as they respect me. But if you are a stranger, please call before you show up on my doorstep. I don’t think that is too much to ask. I am unbending before the 8 winds. They won’t change my views. I will only try to show them why I feel the path I walk is the more correct one. That doesn’t show a lack of respect. Just a viewpoint which they in fact believed before the split. A truth is a truth and doesn’t change just because circumstance are different.


Jul 03, 2013

Leave the SGI

by: Glad I quit the Gakkai

I just quit the SGI and it is in my opinion a CULT. Not only is this long-standing fight with the NSA annoying it does not in any way promote the organization’s stated mission of World Peace and is also not what Nichiren intended. The SGI is a mult-billion dollar global corporation. Just like any corporation, the goal is to increase the wealth of its shareholders. Who are the primary shareholders of the SGI??? Daisaku Ikeda, Inc. The man is worth billions. That’s fine, but when you take money from most of your members, many of whom are very poor and sick themselves and who have suffered under the curse of the Law, that does not help people attain enlightenment. Practicing the Law is a curse and yes, Jesus died to free us from the curse of the Law. Galatians chapter 3. I advise anyone, do not join the SGI and if you are already under its curse, quit immediately. You will save yourself from a life-time of suffering, confusion and darkness in the Gakkai.

Jul 14, 2013


by: Anonymous

If you are not happy with any sect, you can still find enlightenment and happiness without any outside factors. You can also work on making this world more peaceful without any type of religion. I have to laugh reading some of the comments on this page. It’s like reading a blog between Christians and Atheists. It just goes to show that people don’t practice what they preach. If one is not sure of something, but seeks answers, study it, question it and then make a decision. There is no urgency.

Aug 17, 2013

New SGI member!

by: Anonymous

Just joined the SGI…I love the organization, the people and the practice! For me this is a way of life…and seriously folks, it is all about inner transformation. This humane buddhist lay organization is the perfect future for America! 13 million and growing every day…we will achieve happiness and peace, one person at a time.

Sep 08, 2013

Dear “just joined”

by: Anonymous

“Just joined the SGI…I love the organization, the people and the practice! For me this is a way of life…and seriously folks, it is all about inner transformation. This humane buddhist lay organization is the perfect future for America! 13 million and growing every day…we will achieve happiness and peace, one person at a time.”

More likely, you are a twenty year leader of the SGI PR Machine Division, spinning like a whirling dervish. Joan “the truth must be negotiated” Anderson, is that you?

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