Four noble truths and peace


Four noble truths and peace

Is a craving for peace and wisdom also suffering?


I’m sorry to say that, yes, it is. Cravings mean that you are not satisfied with the present state. Non-satisfaction = suffering.
Any craving is then suffering. Even craving (or desire) for the status quo.

Peace and wisdom can only truly be achieved when we separate ourselves from them. When we cease all expectations, then, we are truly at peace.

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May 10, 2011

It exists

by: sandra

What exists is real. Peace is real. You don’t have to crave it. In the craving of it is suffering because craving means it is absent. Peace cannot be absent. There is “no peace” or “peace”.

It’s just like the concept of Yin and Yang. One does not exist without the other. You may think you’re in a “yin” state but actually you are in a range of yang and vice versa. There are variations and degrees of peace all on one continuum.

And if you are craving peace it could be that you are on the limited end of the continuum. Your very craving continues to limit it. Let go and there is Peace.

Wishing you well.

Nov 09, 2011

To Sandra

by: Anonymous

Peace and craving.

Thank you for your comments; these have given me thought over the past months.

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