Egypt? (Very Important)


Egypt? (Very Important)

(Cairo, Egypt)

The Question

Where I can find this chance to change for buddhism in Cairo, Egypt? I read the white book, many masters many lifes and other books, and I found enlightment there, So please help, here in Egypt its not popular, where I can find a place to covert?

The answer

Thank you for your question.
I had a similar request about finding a Buddhist temple, or group in Iran and I have to confess that I do not have the answer. There must be something though. At the very least, there are 2 SGI groups in Cairo. You seem to be in Cairo so that might be good for you: Link to SGI in Cairo.

Another suggestion I have for you is to get in touch with the department of Buddhist Studies in an university near you. I am certain they will have a list of temples in the city.

Lastly, when I posted the question about finding places to practice in Iran, a reader posted something to help. My hope is that someone will also contribute an answer here.

So, if anyone knows of anything in Cairo, Egypt, to help this person, please post it in the comment section.



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