d. m. bhola


d. m. bhola

by d m bhola

(new delhi, india)

I joined SGI in February 2011, after various meetings with senior leaders in my district which is in east of kailash/kailash hills, New Delhi, India.

I have continued doing morning and evening gongyo & daimaku. I am also attending meetings.

I have so far found much more solace & peace of mind, and success.

I was mainly encouraged by my wife also, who had joined this practice a few months before me.

Now I want my son to get into this practice but so far no success in this regard.

He is avoiding it.

Please advice.

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Jun 03, 2011


by: Anonymous

A correction in my sharing done yesterday, i joined SGI in Feb. 2010 instead feb. 2011.i shall be writing my experiences/ achievements on regular basis.

thnx to GHONZON , my leaders , my fellow members.

regards to all.

Feb 28, 2012

Dont force

by: Anonymous

Dont force your son to join. Let him choose his own spiritual path and journey. Namyohorengekyo or Om saddharma pundarika sutraai namah or chanting anything with faith bring same results. Address his faith. God is one above all language and religion.

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