Buddhist quotes being universal


Buddhist quotes being universal

From the Sunday Times articles quoted below.

From the Sunday Times articles quoted below.


I found a quote in Buddhism “Light dispels darkness. Wisdom dispels ignorance.” I found it in Thai Buddhism I wanted to know if all quotes universal with Japanese Buddhism. Because I am trying to look for the right kanji characters for that quote would you happen to know what it is. If it does make sense or even one available like it.

James R.

My answer:


First, a Buddha quote should be universal, if said by the Buddha. If it was said by a master in the 2500 plus years following Buddha, it will depend on how well known is the master.

Having said this, the only references I found of the quote you mention are in Hinduism.
Here is an article about the Deepavali festival.

Now, this does not mean that it is not also in a Buddhist sutra, I just don’t know it myself.

If you want the kanji for it, your best bet is to go to a Chinese or Japanese person in your town and ask him or her to translate it for you.

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