Buddhism and Belief in God


Buddhism and Belief in God

by Michael Bell

(Atlata, GA, USA)



I was reading your Facts about Buddhism and your 10th Fact is one that I have been hung up on since developing myself into the Buddhist way of living.

I always was under the impression that you could not follow the God of Abraham and be a Buddhist. My own feelings and inner peace is that you can which I have been doing. However you are the first Buddhist that I have met that has made the statement you made.

Did I mistake what your intention was in the statement or is that what you were saying?



My answer:


Thank you Micheal for your question. The question of Buddhism being a religion or just a philosophy is often asked a lot, especially by Christian believers.

Being Christian or of any other faith and strongly believing in it doesn’t usually sit well with accepting other gods or tenets as most religions are exclusive. The answer to your question is both easy and complex, this sounds like a Koan but unlike the Zen masters, I will explain it.

Buddhism, at its core, as the Buddha taught it, leaves out anything about a Creator God. It is a moral discipline. In the words of Steve Hagen, author of Buddhism Plain and Simple,