A question about Fudo Myo-o


A question about Fudo Myo-o

by Anya


I was intrigued by your experience of Fudo. You mentioned it kind of in passing, but i bet there is more to it.
As a matter of fact I’m at the point of my practice (shugendo) where i work with Fudo. I have had a direct experience of Fudo and Dainichi Nyoray. Now i’m practicing by chanting the mantra of Fudo. Sometimes i can tap into Fudo while meditations or treatments. But i don’t really know how to use it.
So I was wondering if there are more practices helping me discover and utilise the powers of Fudo.

Thank you,


There are some practices but I’m sad to say that I do not know them.
Fudo is a very important figure in Esoteric Buddhism (Tendai and especially Shingon) as is in Shugendo.

Most of the practices you talk about are considered esoteric practices and are not revealed to the non-initiates.

Of course in today’s world, it might be feasible to find those practices somewhere in a book or on a web site.

The problem with esoteric practices is that they are considered powerful and potentially dangerous if not done properly. I suspect this is partly the reason why they are not made public.

I will look into that for you and get back to you in the comment section below, if I find anything.

For the time being, I can only tell you how it happened for me. It was an accident really.

I had been working hard at massage (I’m also a massage therapist) and I was suffering from an injured wrist because I didn’t take care of it properly.

The pain irradiated all the way to the elbow and it was difficult to give the best massage I could.

Of course, during an hour long massage, my mind will sometimes wander and that day, I was thinking about my wrist, I guess.

Suddenly I felt a rage well up in me. Not a rage full of hate but a rage full of wrath. I identified it with Fudo Myo-ho.

It was both sudden and very brief. The person on the table didn’t notice anything but I felt as if I was so fed up with something that I could shatter it to piece with a blow.

This is exactly what happened. When the rage subsidized, it brought with it 80 to 90% of the pain in the wrist.
The next day everything was gone.

I felt it immediately, it was like one second there was pain, the next, rage, and finally, no more pain.

I have not really tried to replicate the experience as I don’t really know what I did correctly.

I wish you good luck in your quest.


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