Zen training at Tetsugyuji temple in Oita prefecture

Zen training at Tetsugyuji in Oita prefecture.

Intensive Zen Training in Oita Prefecture.

Tetsugyuji International Zen Temple in Oita Prefecture will hold an intensive beginners retreat November 1st – November 4th. The Head Abbot of Tetsugyuji is Reverend Paul Tesshin Silverman, he will be returning to Oita from New York to hold this special retreat in English. Prior to his relocation to New York twelve years ago, Rev. Silverman held these very popular retreats on a regular basis.  Participants for this intensive Zen training will be limited to the first 25 applicants. Applications will be on a first-come first-serve basis so if you are interested please respond quickly. For more information and details about the retreat (sesshin) write to: [email protected]

Retreat details.

November 1st – 4th Sesshin at Tetsugyuji Zen Temple


Fri. Nov 1st: 
– Pick up from Oita Station at 6pm. 
– 7pm Arrive at Tetsugyuji Temple.
– 7-8 pm Orientation.
– 9 pm Preparations for bed.
– 9:20 pm Lights out.

Sat Nov 2nd: 
– Wake up 4am
 Morning meditation 4:15 – 5:45am
– Cleaning/ Chanting 5:45 – 6:30
– Morning meal/juice 6:30
– Break until 7:30am
– Zazen meditation / Dokusan 7:30 – 10:30am
– Break 10:30 – 11am
– Meal/juice 11am.
– Break 11:30 – Noon.
– Chores Noon – 1pm
– Lecture 1pm – 2pm
– Break 2pm – 2:30pm
– Zazen meditation 2:30 – 4:30
– Macha break 4:30 – 5pm
– Break 5pm – 5:30
– Zazen meditation 5:30 – 7:30 pm
– Evening soup 7:30 – 8pm
– Preparation for bed
– Lights out 9pm.

Sunday Nov 3rd:
– Same as above

Monday Nov 4th:
– Wake up 4am
– Morning meditation 4:15 – 5:45am
– Cleaning/ Chanting 5:45 – 6:45
– Break until 7:15am
– Full meal breakfast until 8:45                                                                             – Go to local hot springs 9am  – 11am                                                                  – 2 pm Cars leave for Oita Station                                                                         – 3 pm Farewell at Oita Station                                                      

Retreat Fee/Donation. The donation for this Zen retreat (sesshin) is Y30,000 via PayPal before Oct 1st – or Y40,000 at the door*. The retreat requires a minimum of 15 participants so please inform Rev. Silverman if you are intending on coming but cannot pay immediately ([email protected]). The first 25 participants will be accepted, any payments arriving after that number will be returned to the sender.  Most of the participation fee is spent on purchasing the fresh fruits and vegetables for the retreat. Since fresh produce is costly in Japan and this produce is essential for the detoxification process, the fees are set accordingly. Any left over monies are donated to the temple to cover daily running expenses 

*Scholarships available. Contact Paul Tesshin for details. 


Tetsugyuji Zen Temple
773-1 Nodakubo, Kubachi, Yufu-shi, Oita – ken T879-55
[email protected]

鉄牛禅寺 〒879-55 大分県由布市来鉢野田窪773-1
In America:
Paul Tesshin Silverman 
1360 White Hill Rd. Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
ph. 914-923-5049

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