Toronto Buddhist Church


Toronto Buddhist Church

The Hondo

The Hondo

The Hondo

The ministers

The Japanese tea room

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What is the name of the temple?

The Toronto Buddhist Church

What is the address?

1011 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario M3H 2T7 Canada

Temple location

What is the URL?

What is the phone number?

Phone: (416) 534 – 4302

What lineage/ sect or tradition does it belong to?

Jodo Shinshu

What languages are available?


What is the name of the head person and his/ her title?

Reverend Tomofumi Fujii

What programs, activities are offered? (i.e. addiction recovery, meditation, etc.

Choir, Youth camps, Sunday service, Japanese dance, Taiko and other Japanese cultural events. Kids Sangha Program

Are there any other information you would like to have listed here?

None at this time.