Miranda Kerr is a Buddhist

Miranda Kerr, Beautiful Buddhist

Miranda Kerr, international super-model, has been on the top covers of
many famous publications like Cosmopolitan, The 2010 edition of the
Pirelli calendar, Victoria’s Secret  lingerie, and many other.
 Her reputation is made.  Did you know that she was
also a devout Buddhist?

Lingerie model Miranda Kerr is a Buddhist

Ms. Kerr, who is engaged to Orlando Bloom, is a follower of SGI
(Soka Gakkai International)
.  She practice morning
and evening, reciting the mantra Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo
, meditating and by doing Yoga, according to interviews.

for real about this,” says Kerr. “We have a responsibility to bring
peace and harmony to our lives and the world. I chant every morning and
night for 20 minutes, I practise yoga, meditate, and read widely on
spirituality as a part of my beliefs.”

She was introduced to Buddhism when she was 20 and has since been very
active.  In addition to her personal daily practice, she
participates with Orlando Bloom in diverse charities.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr got engaged in June 2010Hollywood Hunk Orlando Bloom and
model Mirande Kerr got engaged in June 2010.

Miranda Kerr has inspired many youg girls who admire her to take up Buddhist studies and yoga.  I wish there were more good souls in the superficial world of fashion.




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