Buddhist Symbols- Mandala

The Buddhist Mandala

The Buddhist mandala are an important part of esoteric Buddhism.
(Tibetan, Shingo and Tendai)  They are used as a tool for
meditation.  Making the mandala is meditative, it reminds the
maker of the Buddhist cosmology and the time it takes to create one,
implies a lot of inner-contemplation.

the impermanence of the sand MandalaSome Tibetan monks
actually draw Mandalas in colored sand and destroy it once finished to
remind themselves of the
of things. As you can see to the left, they are
not small crude things but really beautiful pieces of art.

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a sanskrit word meaning circle.  In that circle and
around it, is a representation of the Cosmos.  There are
different kind of Mandalas but most of them depict the Buddhist Cosmos.
 They are used to focus one’s mind during visualisation and
meditation.  In Shamanism and Tantric Buddhism, you create a
sacred space in your inner universe and the Mandala can be an aid in
achieving, remembering or even linking to that inner-universe.

Carl Jung, the famous pionner in psycho-analysis,  worked on
with mandalas and painted them himself .  To him they were
representations of one’s inner-self.

Mandalas are things of beauty. If you would like to own one, you can
follow the link below and see for yourself how beautiful and mystical
they are.
By putting one one the wall in front of your favorite meditation spot,
you can look at it, study it and it will aid you in your meditation.

Buddhist Mandala Art Collection




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