Japanese Buddhism Pictures Temples

Buddhism Pictures Temples

When we think of Japanese Buddhism pictures, temples come to mind, if
not at first, close behind the statues and monks.  Here is a
gallery of pictures related to temples.  They are identified
when possible but sometimes they are photos I received from submitters
and no information was given.

To submit your picture, simply write me at [email protected]

The Japanese Temple Gallery


Eiheiji, soto zen, Fukui
Eiheiji, soto zen, FukuiEiheiji, soto zen, FukuiEiheiji, soto zen, FukuiEiheiji, Soto Zen, Fukui


Kiyomizu dera 
The pond at Kinkakuji, the Golden temple in Kyoto.
A temple lit up at night on Mount Hieizan,in Kyoto.


Nara Pagoda
Nara PagodaTodaiji main gate, NaraNara Pagoda at duskYoshino, pagodaYoshino, pagodaYoshino, temple entranceyoshino, cherry blossoms, sakura


Zenkoji temple


Entrance of the Hase dera temple. Kamakura.
A view of a temple. Kamakura.
The main approach of the temple. Kamakura.
A pavillion at a temple. Kamakura.


temple, fudo hall entrance
temple, fudo hall entranceshrine in naturejapanese temple, snowtorii, sacred sitecovered staircase, japanese templesjapanese temple, viewWorship area in a temple.Buddhist pagoda.