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Buddhism Pictures Others

Buddhism, pictures,  other includes those images that I
couldn’t categorize in the other categories either because they are
related to Japan in general or because there are too few of them to
deserve their own categories.

I did make sub categories though to make them easier to find.

 They are identified
when possible but sometimes they are photos I received from submitters
and no information was given.

To submit your picture, simply write me at [email protected]

Other Gallery


Majestic Mount Fuji
Majestic Mount FujiMajestic Mount FujiMajestic Mount FujiMist, park, JapanMist, park, JapanMount Fuji, lake, JapanMount Fuji, lake, JapanMount Fuji, reflection,lake, Japan
A stone wall in a park with mist in JapanA tree surrounded with mist in Japan


shrine torii snow
Purification basin, shrine.Red torii buried in snow.OmikujiOffering, shrine,JapanEntrance to a sacred cave. Hase Dera, Kamakura.

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