Japanese Buddhism Pictures Iconography

Buddhism Pictures Iconography

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Iconography Gallery


Little Jizo dressed.
Kannon Bosatsu in the GardenSmall Jizo with shakujoA temple lit up at night on Mount Hieizan,in Kyoto. If you can reach the bowl with your coin, your wish will be granted. (Kinkakuji, Kyoto)Temple gate guardian.
A great Buddha, standing. (Ushiku)
The torso of the big Buddha of Kamakura.
The big Buddha of Kamakura.Jizo statues lined up. Kamakura.
Jizo statues on a bed of moss. Kamakura.A cute statue of Jizo. Kamakura.
Visitors taking photos with the big Buddha. Kamakura.


Buddha feet
Buddha, among all the suffering creatures of the hells.




5 colors of Buddhism