Ordinary people…extraordinary lives…thats SGI


Ordinary people…extraordinary lives…thats SGI

by Ms. Menon


SGI has been amazing. It is a castle of peace, culture and education. These days where
people are motivated by selfish desire to do anything to achieve their purpose, this is an
organization which tells you to make good causes and create value in everyday lives
irrespective of what the situation may be.

There is no other organization more selfless then SGI.

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Apr 07, 2013

Selfless or self-serving?

by: Anonymous

Self-serving is more like it. The SGI top senior leaders are law devouring hungry spirits. They use the Buddhist teachings to gain personal fame and fortune. Though they pretend to have a sincere wish to spread the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, in their hearts, they are greedy and use the offerings they receive from the sincere members to nourish their own bodies and that of their family members.

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